National Portfolio Day

Portfolio Day: Saturday, Oct. 31st: Hartford, Connecticut, Hartford Art School

Portfolio Day: Sunday, Nov. 1st: Boston, Massachusetts

12 noon - 4 pm

Portfolio reviews typically last 10-15 minutes. Most students have 4-6 meetings with school reps during the event.

Some colleges will accept portfolios on National Portfolio Day (on a 'provisional status'), which means that you will not be required to submit the portfolio portion of the application when you apply, unless you'd like to be considered for scholarships. Not every school does this, so don't be discouraged if your portfolio is not accepted.

National Portfolio Day @ Hartford School of Art: List of Participating schools and event details!

FAQS: (Frequently Asked Questions)
Student Example 2: Kiera, 2011 (Accepted to MICA, Pratt, California College of the Arts)

Student Example: Emma, 2010 (Accepted to MICA and Pratt)

TIPS for 'the big day'!

Portfolio Prep Days (open to all Arts & Humanities Academy students): Thurs., Oct. 2th, 2:15 - 4:15 pm and Thurs., Oct. 22nd, 2:15 - 4:15 pm

Please sign up with Lisa in A117


  • Review the list of colleges that will be attending (highlight your top 4-5 choices)
  • Attend at a location that will likely have fewer people (opt for Hartford, CT instead of New York City, for example)
  • Bring snacks! Being hungry makes you not think straight
  • Prepare a few short comments about each work in your portfolio in case you are asked to elaborate
  • Be at the location a minimum of an hour in advance: lines are long
  • Bring work in progress as well as finished work; people like to see your thought process


  1. Parking
  2. Parking Map (Printable Version)
  3. Parking Rates & Restrictions
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