CCV Course Description

ART-1111: Graphic Design I: 3 Credits

Introduces the fundamental principles of graphic design, including composition, color, typography and related concepts, within a technical environment. Students develop visual problem-solving skills as they relate to specific examples and projects. The history and development of the graphic design profession will also be discussed. Introductory computer skills required.

CCV Essential Objectives

1. Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of graphic design.
2. Employ technical skills needed to create design projects that communicate ideas.
3. Research, identify, and apply key aspects of graphic design.
4. Apply traditional studio design skills to a computer environment.
5. Use appropriate terminology to describe graphic design techniques and processes through illustration and computer skills.
6. Illustrate creative thinking to solve a variety of design problems.
7. Explore professional opportunities in the field of graphic design.
8. Select and apply typography that supports and enhances individual design projects.
9. Examine, discuss and critique art work, including some reference to the art historical, social, and cultural context.
10. Design and complete individual projects.
11. Create a portfolio of graphic design projects.
12. Display finished works in a professional manner.

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